Giselle Marks

Regency Romance and Fantasy Author

New poems


We’re proud of our traditions I hear you say,

We are determined to stick to the old way.

Pride in your heritage, keeping your traditions

But society’s in flux passing through transitions.

If by keeping to the old beliefs,

Giving obedience to your chiefs

You change ancient customs and good will

To didactic misery and prejudicial ill.

Young people who’ve been taught technological things

Begin to question the teachings of uneducated kings.

For women craving to learn, their freedom seek

With forced arranged marriage, their future’s bleak.

The aged ruling men see their control weaken,

Complaining that the young their values cheapen.

They educated their children, yet will not let them speak

Logic defying the ignorant old, continued hypocrisy reek

Of bad traditions expecting compliance

Customs and misogyny make alliance.

Do not lose your historical culture,

Leave your dead out for the vulture.

Time to depart on that complicated quest

To preserve the best and discard the rest.


She has a dark circle on her palm

Will it truly bring misfortune

Or has it no relevance at all?

Some woman had told her it

Meant bad luck would befall

Yet she has always had the mark.

She was born with it.

I read her palm giving good news

Offering reassurance was all

I could do, being unable to take

Back the woman’s thoughtless words.

Did I tell her true, I don’t know?

But like the good fairy I tried

To remove fearful threats.

A solitary magpie as I drive by.

I wished him and his wife well

Will my greeting remove any

Malevolence coming my way

I doubt it meant anything to me

Just a bird seeking nourishment

Wherever it could do so.

The notice says fairy bridge

I wish them well, determined

Not to offend the creatures

Who dwell a dimension away.

I don’t doubt ill would occur

If I failed to greet them politely.

I live another day.

An Honest Manfeather_01

Strange to tell I found an honest man

I have not met one for a long span

of time. Busy yet he had no excuses

Yet such a man will always have his uses.

His honesty was clear for me to see

He promised nothing, demanding no fee.

Intelligence was a quality he also had

He must be so tempting to the bad

Can they use his honesty against him

For a purpose or just for a whim?

And twist his words so they tell a tale

Where Jonah swallowed up the whale?

A rare found jewel is this honest man

Cut and polished to whose game plan?

For him to survive in the rough

He’ll need to learn to be tough

Innocence would soon be mocked

And his goodness will be blocked.

How long will his honesty survive?

What stratagems will he contrive

to keep his conscience clear?

Why should I have so much fear

That his true heart will quickly fade

And fail against a feather to be weighed.

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