Giselle Marks

Regency Romance and Fantasy Author

Regency Masterpiece

on November 11, 2014

“The Unwilling Viscount” by Sarah J Waldock

My fellow author Sarah J Waldock  has been a friend, beta reader and my cover artist for a number of years.  Below is my current review of her latest work which is a tour de force!


Precipitated by his brother’s death into the responsibility of inheriting an estate burdened by debt, Kit Rookwood considers seeking a wealthy wife in the person of his new tenant’s daughter, Marianne. His childhood friend, Nell, however, has other ideas, but still manages to find a friend in Marianne; whose plans also do not include marriage to Kit!Marianne’s and Nell’s pleasure in their new friendship is alloyed by the arrival of Marianne’s snide cousin, Lavinia, who is looking for a husband. Complications involving smugglers and French spies, and the tale of a long-dead pirate, lead to Nell and Marianne working together to find a way to restore Kit’s fortunes, in an attempt to give the three girls a chance of happiness.

Unwilling viscount cover

“The Unwilling Viscount” is a Regency Romance masterpiece by Sarah Waldock. Her detailed knowledge of the period peppers the book but she applies her knowledge with a deftly gentle touch.  You are so at home in the Regency tableaux painted by Sarah Waldock that you feel her hero Kit Rookwood and Nell Bletchley, the heroine are already friends and you cannot but wish them well in their lives together. It is Regency Romance at its best, Sarah’s love of the English Language revels in this poignant love story. A believable and joyful rendering, this is truly a work the author should be commended for. Well written, fast moving, with just enough mystery to keep you hooked. I wholeheartedly recommend it to lovers of the genre.

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