Giselle Marks

Regency Romance and Fantasy Author

Then there was his brain.

on August 28, 2014

Two hundred word flash fiction including five words, organ, hate, stairs, pearl and death.



The brain thought despite being detached from the skull it had formerly resided in. The electrodes attached to that organ were linked to a flashy display which beeped and whizzed at an ever increasing speed. Technicians crowded around seeking explanation for the unusual activity. All their previous experiments had resulted in decomposing death, but the brain taken from the executed serial killer Biron Mitchell was much more tenacious. It was getting stronger not weaker. Now finally they could use the device nicknamed the pearl ball to examine the final thoughts of a deranged murderer. Signals flashed increasingly as Buzz Olson the caretaker came down the stairs into the laboratory. No one noticed Buzz; they were far too fascinated by their experiment’s success. No one noticed the machete in Buzz’s hands or the unhinged look of hate in his eyes until it was too late. The hacked body parts on the floor merged together in a puddle of congealing blood. The beeps slowed, trailing off until they ended and an alarm signal was set off. Buzz reached over and pulled the plug out, he smiled and hate lurked in the insanity of his eyes but it was not his but Biron’s madness.

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