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Passion-poet reviewed

on April 8, 2014

My Review of Erotic by the Passion-Passion5poet Robert Gibson himself and friends.

Erotic does exactly what the poetry of Robert Gibson and his friends and collaborators describes. Writing poetry about the feelings and sensations encompassed in the very physical love between man and woman, Robert bares his soul to the world. There is nothing dirty or snigger-making about his exquisite verse, which is the product of a man who is totally in touch with his emotions.  Robert Gibson is a man unashamed of his love for a very special woman in his life. Erotic is modern day love poetry with no punches pulled, with the passion of love openly revealed. His poems show a man in love with words and woman.

From the bewitching pleasure of his gorgeous sensuality in “Invocation” to the heart-warming and very sweet “Missing you,” Robert shows the full depths of adoration that can co-exist with carnal love. He rises above the flesh in “Heavenward” and “Galactic” before diving back into the carnal intimacy of “Craving” and “Cooking.” The seductive passionate poetry in Robert Gibson’s book “Erotic” provides a reminder that we all could do with a little more passion in our lives.

Before reading the book you would do well to takeEROTIC OFFICIAL BOOKCOVER FRONT FINAL WEB VERSION note of the warning he has placed at the beginning of the book.

“The author, Robert R. Gibson, otherwise known on stages locally and internationally as PassionPoet, is not to be held responsible for, or is not legally bound to, any population explosion in any part of the world nine months after anyone reads the contents of this book!”


Robert R.Gibson  (PassionPoet,or Passion, for short) is a member of the League of Extraordinary Poets (LXP) in Barbados ( and enjoys painting sensual images with his words, leading his audience into a sensory experience.  Although sexuality and sensuality are his main forte, in his own words he says, “Passion is not always about sex.”  Passion is anger, sorrow, enthusiasm – his poems are written to evoke intensity.  He has been writing from age 14 and is aiming to have his first anthology of poems published soon.


In 2011, Robert entered the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), the national arts festival of his native Barbados with three poems – Luscious, Rain, and Goblet.  All three of the poems achieved awards – Luscious received a silver award, and Goblet and Rain received bronze awards.  He also received the Most Promising Poet award for the year.


In 2012, Robert entered NIFCA again and one of his poems – Tribute – received a bronze award.
The winning NIFCA entries have been published in the Winning Words anthology produced by the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), the producers of NIFCA.


Another one of his poems Tribute (A Call to Action), which was inspired by the documentary Cultures of Resistance, was highlighted by the Cultures of Resistance producers on their Facebook page.


Robert has also been the featured writer on the Seawoman’s Caribbean Writing Opps blog (


He work has been published in an anthology of poetry written by Ainsley Carter, A Journey Into the Abyss of the Mind (


Several of his poems have also been accepted into the St. Somewhere Caribbean E-zine for publication.


Robert has performed at Love, Poetry and Song 2013 doing one of his love poems, Intimate.


Robert has been a featured poet on UNMUTED INK, an online radio show hosted on WKPJB – The Indie Storm on  His recorded interview has been downloaded and listened to over 3000 times. (  He has also been featured on Ms Jewcee’s Erotic Chat, another BlogTalk online show. (









LXP can be contacted at

FB page


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    My book “EROTIC” has been reviewed quite favourably by my friend Giselle Marks. Read her review below!

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