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Passionate Barbadian Poets

on March 5, 2014

I promised in my last main article to introduce you to the works of two poets from Barbados.  Cher Corbin and Robert PassionPoet Gibson I am honoured to call them my friends and amazed by their exquisite skills in manipulating the English Language. They are both performance poets who recite their poetry to an audience. Here I am only trying to give you a taste of their amazing work. I considered what order I should introduce them but ladies obviously should go first. So may I introduce the phenomenal polymath Cher Corbin whose talents are nothing short of amazing. 

Cher in orange

CHER CORBIN a Barbadian mother of two is a forensic scientist, artist, amateur photographer and a writer.

Cher was introduced to the world of photography in 2008 by her partner DeOlivere Greenidge (also an artist and photographer) and with his encouragement she entered NIFCA the following year and was successful with the awards of one silver and two bronzes.

She commenced her literary journey in January 2011 and received two silver medals in Literary Arts NIFCA for her prose pieces Intervention and The Pink Slip in the same year. The latter won her the Incentive Award for the Most Promising Adult Prose Piece. In 2012 she was awarded a bronze for The Annual Christmas Cuss-Out and is presently working on two novellas, Silvered Mirrors and The Pink Slip.


In 2012, Cher embarked on yet another journey, this time into the Fine Arts. Her medium of choice is watercolour and the same year she was awarded a bronze medal   for “OLD BRIDGE AT THE HOLE”. In 2013 another bronze was awarded for “GEM OF SPEIGHTSTOWN”. Presently she has become enamoured with Plein Air painting, thanks to the opportunity afforded by the NCF workshops under the tutelage of Omawale Stuart, a notable Barbadian fine artist.

Cher has been published in the online journal  and is featured in the NCF Anthology “Winning Words” in 2013 as well as the Trinidadian Bamboo Press 2013 Anthology “She Sex”.

book promo final re-size (2) CC

MY SOUL CRIES is an anthology of poetry that was seeded by the emotional journey of its author, Cher Corbin who came to a realization of self as a result of a monumental paradigm shift in her personal relationships. The book chronicles the cries of the human spirit; the search for clarity and love, hope and desire; the anger that resides within us.

Cher Corbin tells me about My Soul Cries that “It is a sense of freedom and empowerment when one realizes that to love others you truly must love yourself, in every way and every facet – a small amount of selfishness must precede copious offerings of selflessness.”

MY SOUL CRIES is available on and as an e-book and also in print from the author.


By Cher Corbin

Why are you afraid?

to be yourself
to be the person
you want to be;
there is nothing
to be
afraid of.

take my hand.
We have the strength
it is here,
from the beginning
it was
placed here
for a reason,
a purpose,
to live and
to love.

Inner Spirit
many names
same energy

the synergy

that’s released when

two bodies
become one;
beauty in its most empirical form.

call it what you will
but in it all
there is the connection

The trouble is
we are timid,
complacent in our
two-by-four space
it’s not a disgrace
to want to move
at a different pace.

There is nothing
to be ashamed of.
No guilt required.
Unburden yourself.
Your friends who care

will be there
will understand
what you really need
what you really desire
to be the (wo)man
of your future lover.

Take my hand
I am you-
your Inner Spirit.

I am you –
your Muse.

Unlock me
set me free
to be
your Creator

Cher’s links:-





Robert PassionPoet Gibson makes a disclaimer before he starts any poetry performance which goes- “PassionPoet is not to be held legally responsible for any population increases in any part of the world incurred after the reading or viewing of any of his work!” I chose one of the least raunchy of his poems because his book EROTIC is definitely intended for adults only.  Robert R. Gibson is called many things – from the ‘Loovvveee Man’ to the ‘King of Hearts’, but his stage name accurately describes this master of seduction. As PassionPoet, he thrills audiences with powerful penetrative strokes of his pen; his words incite intense emotions in anyone who sees him perform or reads his poetry. Now, he has published his first book, pouring all his poetic potency into his anthology EROTIC. It is a sensual journey into the seductive. His goal is to lyrically impregnate his readers as he penetrates them repeatedly with rhythm and metre until they climax into orgiastic mental bliss. In this volume, he intends to make you “cum to the conclusion / that [his] words were the intrusion / that made you weak kneed…” Get to know Robert and his amazingly versatile pen by liking his FB page about his anthology. Get new anthology #EROTIC in paperback or #Kindle


In 2011, Robert entered the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), the national arts festival of his native Barbados with three poems – Luscious, Rain, and Goblet.  All three of the poems achieved awards – Luscious received a silver award, and Goblet and Rain received bronze awards.  He also received the Most Promising Poet award for the year.

In 2012, Robert entered NIFCA again and one of his poems – Tribute – received a bronze award.
The winning NIFCA entries have been published in the Winning Words anthology produced by the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), the producers of NIFCA.

Another one of his poems Tribute (A Call to Action), which was inspired by the documentary Cultures of Resistance, was highlighted by the Cultures of Resistance producers on their Facebook page.

Robert has also been the featured writer on the Seawoman’s Caribbean Writing Opps blog (

He work has been published in an anthology of poetry written by Ainsley Carter, A Journey Into the Abyss of the Mind (


Several of his poems have also been accepted into the St. Somewhere Caribbean E-zine for publication. Robert has performed at Love, Poetry and Song 2013 doing one of his love poems, Intimate.

Robert has been a featured poet on UNMUTED INK, an online radio show hosted on WKPJB – The Indie Storm on  His recorded interview has been downloaded and listened to over 3000 times. (  He has also been featured on Ms Jewcee’s Erotic Chat, another BlogTalk online show. (


by Robert Passionpoet Gibson

Anoint my lips

with fiery kisses

Baptize me in your oil

flowing from the passion

of our joining

Give thanks and praises

as we lift our hands

swing our hips

gyrate while

laying prostrate

in reverence

Before the Goddess

who rewards our worship

with molten lava

seeping into hidden crevice…

Voices raised unbidden

we come together with nothing hidden

No secrets – naked inside and out

souls knitting, weaving intricate tapestry

two lives, one mind and body

connecting at the centre

I prepare for my baptismal dip


Immersed completely

within gripping folds


We rise and fall


until we call to the Goddess

for release

We call, but she, in wisdom,

holds her peace

waits for tension and momentum to build

Ascending passion’s precipice with skill, we

reach the summit, admire the view….

then plummet towards climactic boom

feeling fear of impending doom

but also freedom so intense

we feel our souls expand


Momentarily as immense

as the galaxy

And then our worlds collide

Goddess anoints us with eternal bliss

Fiery passion engulfs all reason

All senses overwhelmed

exhilaration crests,

Till our season of togetherness

slowly subsides

and we bask in the receding tide

of our anointing.

Robert’s links:-


TWITTER:   Email:

LXP can be contacted at

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    How beautiful these two pieces are. Thank you for sharing them.

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