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Available for Love or Hire

on February 24, 2014

Many years ago I used to write freelance articles and got paid reasonably well for them by a number of publications. As I was a farmer’s wife at the time, a lot of them were on farming topics and went to agricultural publications. I Fencing_Master (1) 60% -50% -50% -50&stopped writing freelance when I worked for a small local newspaper part time as a sub editor and jack of all trades. It was a good writing experience and I got on with writing “the Zeninan Saga” in my spare time. Writing fiction is very different to writing fact or opinion as in journalism but slowly I learnt how to correct some of my writing faults and I also added two Regency romances to my back catalogue of work. Now I had to face the real test and find a publisher.After a number of rejections I found a publisher for “The Fencing Master’s Daughter” and “The Marquis’s Mistake.” They were released in September and December 2013 by Front Porch Romance and are now available in e-books or paperbacks.

Cover by Sarah J Waldock ( for the Fencing Master’s Daughter.

When I got offered a contract, I panicked and sat on the fence for six months before signing. Finally I pulled my TMM covercourage back together from the shreds I had scattered around me and signed, agreeing to have “The Fencing Master’s Daughter” published. While I was preparing the books for publication I found a second publisher for my fantasy / sci-fi series. So now things really would be happening. But it was not until my first book came out and I got requests from bloggers for articles to help promote it that I realised how useful my article writing skills would be. It was a fast relearning curve, because as I got one article written, another was requested and I found it strange to be back writing non-fiction articles. Even if their subject matter was no longer agriculture.

Cover for “The Marquis’s Mistake” also by Sarah J Waldock.

Since writing Euphoria which described how I felt when my first book was published I have written a number of articles on a variety of subjects. Many have been on Regency linked topics:- Fictionalising History, A Regency Festive Season, Types of Regency Hero, Are Regency Rakes Sezy?, Confession is good for the Soul, Why Not Regency?, Paintings on the Wall, No Sex please we’re Regency Romance Readers, What Period of History is the Sexiest and Food Glorious Regency Food. But there have also been writing articles, since Euphoria, Panic, My writing Process (to be published on A Messy blog), No Fairy Story, Reviewing Reviews and the twice reblogged Book Piracy is just Theft.fae final

A few were more miscellaneous, Real Life Intrudes, the as yet unpublished Publishing Wars where I let off steam, Diabolis in Musica about an anachronistic group I discovered while researching anachronisms, and  the soon to be released (on Graham Christopher’s  the story reading Ape’s blog  see Why the Zeninan Saga was written  which is about my fantasy series which is to be released in about two months time by Nevermore Press.

And another cover for the forthcoming “Fae Tales” anthology by myself and my friend Sarah J Waldock who also designed this cover, although I will be assisting her in illustrating the stories in black and white.  This anthology is a work in process and should be released in summer.  But it has become clear that I am going to be writing more articles to support my own books and perhaps those of friends of mine.

1496679_580683018684069_317508094_nThe number of requests I have had from other bloggers for articles is very flattering but suggests when my name finally becomes known as a novelist, that I might still be asked for articles to support my other writing.  So the main point of this article is to say that I am quite prepared to write for commercial ventures as well. So if you need an article on any subject you feel I could tackle. I am not proud, I will write to order for money.  So please approach me, if you want an article promoting your book, musical group or other venture, then I’m available!


In the meantime I’ll write for friendly bloggers for free so long as I can continue to make use of the opportunity to promote my books.  And my next article will be for free when I write about some wonderful poets from Barbados who happen to be friends of mine.  So look out “My Soul Cries” by Cher Corbin and Erotic by the Passion Poet himself, Robert Gibson. And I promise that article will not be long coming.

Robert’s link for his book of passion filled poetry “Erotic” isEROTIC OFFICIAL BOOKCOVER FRONT FINAL WEB VERSION

and Cher Corbin’s for her book “My Soul Cries”

And my own links?


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  1. ldbush21 says:

    Well written, informative, entertaining; what more can I add? Thank you.

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