Giselle Marks

Regency Romance and Fantasy Author

My poetry

on January 15, 2014




Whisperings at the edges of my mind

Distracting my thoughts which seek to find,

What summoned them from their reverie.

Processes, ideas filter looking into every

Hiding place within my id confined.


Internal concepts addressed,

External stimuli assessed,

Locate what triggered my awakening?

Senses searching, revelation breaking.

Taste, touch and smell deny, sound alone left.


New understanding as I strive to listen,

Silence tries to hide a faint whisper glisten,

Fear prickling my spine, flight inciting

Ears discern a distant noise igniting,

Memory murmurs against my volition.


Select from quiet sounds the one alone,

Why should slow steps seem so well known?

Why do they excite and frighten?

Why make my racing pulse heighten?

They approach like a forecasted cyclone.


The quiet rhythm amplified,

Feelings now classified,

Will the steps pass on by?

Don’t hope, refuse to cry.

Harsh words now pacified?


A shuffle, a knock, echoing from long before,

I rise. I smile and go to open the door.

No words for saying,

No dragons slaying,

Within beloved arms I need nothing more.

Life goes on

Down in the dumps, black dog lurks,

Nothing matters, nothing works.

dark fairy

 Smile and fight,

Drive out the blight.

Kick out the gloom,

Erase the doom.

Brightly illuminate the night.


Look at the world around you,

Blossoms sparkling with crystal dew,

Children play,

Sun warms the day,

Love fills you heart,

Not just apart,

Embraced, worship, laud and pray.


Heart beat pounding,

Hope confounding,

All life praising,

Pulse blazing,



Gasping, disbelieving,

Ideas conceiving,

Higher rising,

Soaring, flying,



Submission or sacrifice,

Mutual choice,

Strive for more,

Raptures pour,



Eyes tight connect,

No misdirect,

Chain and link,

Don’t stop to think,




Droplets of water, dappled with light

Joy and pain entwine, twist and tangle

Spinning fragments of vision sparkle

And vanish.


Revelation dawns then flits away

Flirting, hiding in the shadows

Beckoning, wanting me

To follow.


Racing onwards to a pulsing beat

Echoing far off, tantalising, teasing

Glimpses of glory flashing onwards

To desire.


Something growing, volume intruding

Voices, pictures scatter and reform

Threads of story grow perfumed buds

And blossom.

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