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Real Life Intrudes – the Eternal Circle By Giselle Marks

on November 13, 2013


I spend most of every day writing in some shape or form.  Writing is what I most enjoy doing and it is how I’d eventually like to make a living. With fifteen books now completed, even though only one, “The Fencing Master’s Daughter,” has so far been published, it did not seem such an unreasonable plan.  Nothing is simple and huge sales for a new author don’t happen very often.  There is a lot of promotional work necessary to make a new book visible and desirable to the reading public.

I don’t need procrastination excuses, I want to write, I love doing it so I write most days. I have a schedule of work that I want to do.  Writing my books, stories and articles, followed by regular blog articles, Facebook posts or tweets to increase my sales and make the book-buying public aware of my existence.  I have my program plotted out, and I go through my wish list for things I want to complete every day.  The list is always longer than what is physically possible, but if I make substantial progress on reducing it, then I go to sleep satisfied. I work at my own pace and to my own design.  Sometimes however, I have outside demands to produce something for a publisher, a deadline for an anthology or a blogger to meet to help promote my book. Most recently I’ve been sorting out proofs for my second Regency Romance “The Marquis’s Mistake.” But that is part of the publishing process and has to be scheduled in.

My characters are prepared to wait while I deal with those kind of demands, because every single character, no matter their gender or status is a huge drama Queen, so they accept those chores as necessary in a writer’s life.  The ultimate desire of my characters is to be read and admired by many. It matters to them far more than it does to me. But sometimes real life intrudes on my writing plans. My family are grown up and I love them dearly, but no-one can say I am still responsible for them. However despite flying the nest, they seem to think they have rights over how I spend my time.  My characters hold a different opinion and think I should be left to write in peace.

Yet every now and then I have to attend family gatherings. Yes, you’re absolutely right, I am being curmudgeonly.  I should be grateful my loving children want to spend time with their mother. Instead, I am so used to only the company of my characters and some far off on line friends, that the intrusion of family occasions into my schedule has to be negotiated with my characters. My family know better than to ask me, they tell me I am expected and when I protest, make arrangements to forcibly transport me wherever I am required.

But even though I enjoy seeing their loving smiling faces, it puts me behind on my schedule and I join in slightly resentfully, because my consent has at no time been sought or granted. I always want to escape swiftly to catch back on my self-appointed tasks.  But they would argue that I am so anti-social that I’d refuse to go, so why should they bother to ask?

Unfortunately they have a point; I should be more willing to attend the important events in their lives. Even though it takes time to get dressed up for public occasions and I resent getting out of my scruffiest clothes.  Just because I hate having photographs taken and being put on display, I should acquiesce and co-operate despite that I especially loathe being in a situation where I am not totally in control.

These events do not slot neatly into my schedule and as they have nothing to do with writing, my characters all object strongly. They spend the whole time bawling me out for not fighting against my kidnapping and not getting home and back to work!  I have however come to the conclusion that a portable and roving internet contract would solve my problems. Then I could attend for the few minutes that my presence is really required for and then retire to some quiet corner and get back down to writing!


But because I am still only a debut novelist, I haven’t earned much in the way of royalties so I can afford neither a new portable computer nor the roving internet contract.  So as the circular argument continues, I need to make some money from my books and then I’ll be able to pay for them, but until then, I can’t afford to waste time that is not spent writing. Or so my characters insist as they put their points to me.  I find their reasoning very logical, but regrettably I fail to convince my beloved children that they are correct!

However you might have noticed the bit about fifteen books written in the first paragraph, so what am I doing about the other thirteen you might ask?  Well those books make up a series known as “the Zeninan Saga” and the first four are being prepared for publication by a different publisher and hopefully will begin to be released next year. 

They are not set in the Regency era but in an unspecified far distant future. So with the two Regency novels, I may eventually make some money from my writing. Then perhaps I may be more willing to socialise when I can see an income from my writing coming in regularly.  Maybe then I’ll afford to take holidays and will enjoy doing other things with my family.   And for those of my readers who remember my article on anachronisms?  No reader has as yet pointed out any historical mistake correct or otherwise in my first Regency Romance “The Fencing Master’s Daughter.”  So the offer still stands, a copy of “The Marquis’s Mistake,” as an ebook will go to the first reader who can point out the error I made in the “Fencing Master’s Daughter.”  I actually doubt there will be a claimant before the end of the month, but I hope a knowledgeable Regency reader will spot it before New Year!


3 responses to “Real Life Intrudes – the Eternal Circle By Giselle Marks

  1. Why Giselle, my dear, you’re almost as anti-social as I am… I am forever complaining that people want to be fed, washed for and treated like human beings when in fact my characters are the only human beings in my life at times… lol! [I love my family dearly but there is that desire, just occasionally, to scrag them…]

  2. I hope I never reach your level of unbalance. I do admit that I found myself resenting Christmas, this year. Cleaning the house for out of town in-laws to visit truly put me over the edge, when all I wanted to do was write.
    Might I suggest that you just add a little family time to your schedule. If you consider it to be one of you weekly chores it might not be such a problem.
    I know how you feel, as I am not earning a living at writing either. Family seems to think that the money is a gauge to determine if the task is worthy of our time. They resent our taking time from them for something that isn’t making any money. They can’t envision the future. I wish they would act like cheer-leaders, instead of doubters. But, I guess that will only come with the money.

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