Giselle Marks

Regency Romance and Fantasy Author

Something Missing by Giselle Marks

on October 26, 2013


It was cold in the dark wood and snow was falling fast.  Amelinda was shivering and alone, she tried to snuggle deeper into her hole in the tree-trunk to get warm.  Her wings were shaking as chill drafts crept unrequested into her little home. She had never felt so miserable before.  Amelinda wished she could hibernate like some of the woodland creatures but fairies don’t hibernate.  She had wanted to bring a little magic into children’s dreary lives. But western children with their computer games now laughed at the existence of fairies. 

Many fairies had just faded away or moved onto warmer climes but Amelinda had struggled on fetching teeth from under children’s pillows and trying to frolic in their dreams.  But now even she finally admitted she could not last the winter alone, unloved in the wood.  She packed a feather-light bag and set off flying south as soon as dawn broke. 

The wintry sun tried to bring some cheer and for a while Amelinda made good speed.  Then a breeze sprung up and the wind began to build strength.  She struggled against the gusts to keep on course.  The wind blew harsh making flying difficult.  It seemed to Amelinda to be trying to force her back in the direction she had come. She sought shelter as the sky darkened and hail came down hard. It stung her delicate wings and left blackening bruises on her skin. There was little in the way of shelter, no woods or even sizeable trees, not even stone walls or hedges lined the seemingly endless barren fields. 

Finally, exhausted she spotted a small burrow into the side of a hillock and Amelinda hoped that it contained sleeping rabbits who’d allow her to share their repose and snuggle into their soft fur to get warm.  She descended, nearing the ground and then glanced back to where the sky had darkened and she could just make out the edges of a spinning cone of power bearing down on her. She beat her wings in desperation, futilely as the overwhelming force swept her into its core. The winds buffeted her as she was borne high aloft.  She fought to keep herself alive as the air dragged her inexorably onwards. 

But the misery and cold of the day had been too much even for Amelinda and that final sparkle of fairy dust faded and she fell deeply unconscious.  The tornado thundered on ripping upwards much that was in its path.  Huge amounts of debris moved onwards with the twister.  But even a whirlwind of that size must eventually peeter out. As it began to lose impetus, it dropped the heaviest detritus it had plucked from the ground, behind in its wake. Smaller pieces of flotsam followed the cars and large chunks of buildings, leaving a path of litter in its path.  Now smaller the storm turned over the ocean and began pulling up water and regaining strength.  Amelinda, unknowing drifted on, unaware of where the cyclone was taking her.

Now the windstorm was slackening off, it had dumped almost everything that it had picked up over land and was now icy cold at its core.  Amelinda was now barely living, only the last sparkle of fairy life remained, as she was swept far above ice flows.  She floated onwards above a beautiful ice locked land. Here there were pine forests and the tops of the trees scraped the weather system and the dregs of the storm deposited a small snow flurry, along with the battered ice encrusted form of Amelinda.

Her mind which had been gratefully unconscious during her momentous travels now faded in an out of consciousness, as she lay torn and frozen amid the drifts of snow. She flittered awake for split seconds, knowing she could not move and that if she didn’t fight to stay awake, she would die. Some tuneful jolly song filtered into her mind. Someone was belting out a carol, though the words weren’t quite right.  Or at least Amelinda thought so briefly, before blackness overtook her once more.

She was still unconscious as she was gently lifted, then wrapped tightly in warm blankets.  Her tiny form was placed carefully upon a sled, already laden with a pile of wood. Bells jingled as the sledge flew softly over a sparkling snowy landscape.  Amelinda did not stir as tender hands stripped her gossamer garments from her body, immersing her in hot perfumed water.  Sleeping on, as she was softly dried, her cuts rubbed with soothing salve, before being slipped into a featherbed in a toasty room. 

Amelinda woke late the next day and almost purred in the warmth of the cheerful room.  Laid out on a tiny chair beside her was a sparkling outfit in shining white and glistening spangles woven from the finest spider’s silk. Amelinda slipped from the bed and happily dressed in the wonderful new clothes.  The door to the room had been left a crack open and she peeked through into a hall where brightly dressed small people were busily wrapping toys and stacking them for more of their number to carry away.  They were diligent in their labours, but to Amelinda they were missing something, they did not beam with joy.  The enormity of their task and responsibility had seemed to suck all happiness from them.

Amelinda took a deep breath and lifted off from the floor, her wings felt rested and for the first time for many years, she felt like she was needed.  She flew upwards over the labouring elves and as she flew a little fairy dust drifted down and settled into their hearts as their prepared the presents for Santa’s sleigh.  As the fairy dust seeped into them, the elves grinned with pleasure and redoubled their efforts. 

A large smiling man dressed in scarlet and white entered the room and roared out, “It will be a Merry Christmas once more everyone, now we have found our new Christmas Fairy.”

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4 responses to “Something Missing by Giselle Marks

  1. Jon Mcgee says:

    So wonderful, Amelinda, lives and saves the Christmas spirit. We all need more of this. Thanks.

  2. AL Slippers says:

    Would make a great Christmas gift! Such a sweet story.

  3. JM MacF says:

    What a charming story!

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